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Quality photography often eludes most companies, yet as the most effective form of visual communication, overlooking its importance in an overall Design is an effective way to sabotage the quality of the end result. Good photography is like cooking with butter, you must brace yourself for less satisfaction if you go without it.

“Photography, as a powerful medium of expression and communications, offers an infinite variety of perception, interpretation and execution.” Ansel ADAMS

In my experience, quality photography is often relegated to the "nice to have, but not essential" bucket on projects mainly because it is too expensive to hire a professional photographer who is reimbursing themselves for their exorbitant gear by hiking up prices. But good photographers who don't charge an arm and a leg are still common. And their work is well worth the investment.

Despite not being a "dedicated, professional photographer" myself, I list Photography among my services because as a Designer I know that any effort to source your own photography - featuring your own products/customers/staff - is going to result in greater trust and good faith than using cheesy stock photography.

So don't forego a good pic

My prices are very down to earth and the warm sincerity of my results might surprise you and give your company the perfect opportunity to get rid of that generic-businessman-in-suit shot that is proven to be ignored by your customers. Get in touch and we'll figure out how you can get snaps that work for a price that fits.