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Photo optimisation

Every now and then an image that has the things it needs to have - like a rare gathering, a cherished holiday or staff profiles - have a slight mar or blemish. Sometimes they're too dark or too light, too far or too grey. There's plenty that could go wrong but it doesn't require a re-shoot. A little PhotoShop magic can make an unusable photo very usable indeed.

A retouched photo
This image from above didn't start off life so vibrant. Landscapes usually benefit from slight colour correction.

This isn't limited to old photos that have lost their lustre either. Even if you've recently had a professional photoshoot and the colour-temperature (a known misnomer) is just slightly off, they can be corrected to the right time-of-day in most cases. Modelling photoshoots with skin blemishes are an easy fix. Product images, particularly food, can really change with a little more contrast. And quite regularly, if an image is printing poorly it is the wrong resolution, which just requires a rejig of some file-properties. If you're enquiring about this latter issue, I'd need to know what size the final image will be printed to, such as A4, A1, postcard, coreflute panel or banner/flag (in cm or mm).

Rescue me!

Shoot me an Email with details of the images you need rescued and I'll send you back an obligation free response about whether it's doable (at least by me) and what it would cost. I do have to point out that single-photos are rarely worthwhile, consider whipping up a batch to have done together. That'll make it worth your time and mine! =)