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The modern state of Design has unquestionably been reduced to re-usable cookie-cutter templates, cheesy stock photography and catch-phrases like "responsive" and "flat Design" that have stagnated the individuality of print and web material. This has resulted in mass conformity in the way companies and products are presented and confusion in how they are recognised. It has also made differentiation by Design a harder thing for companies to accomplish because they have to rely on the maturity of their Designer to choose to transcend trend. Unfortunately the majority of Designers are busy following the herd, regurgitating buzz-words and mimicking apple's most recent fad.

An illustration of a robot I use in some of my tutorials

Discerning audiences have few options left to distinguish their brands and showcase their support of genuine creativity in their company's culture. In the same way supporters of independent and live music must weave their way through the minefield of sound-engineered and interchangeable mainstream music. In the Design world, one of the last remaining bastions of individuality and customisation is illustration. Which is an underrated art of analysis.

“When you draw an object, the mind becomes deeply, intensely attentive” Milton GLASER

Illustrators offer a rare and declining ability to imbue the Design of everything from packaging to posters with unique, textured and artistic qualities of craftsmanship. They provide a timeless way to ground an aesthetic in real talent that is not off-the-shelf or easily replicable. Instead they require effort that can't be abridged, talent that can't be faked and individuality that can't be mistaken.

A health-food illustration meant to be part of an extended family of images depicting natural food options

edit 14.dec.2016: Lingo seems to have had the same idea and rounded up some great examples to demonstrate the point.


If you're unsure whether illustration can be convincingly worked into your existing brand or products, or you're curious as to how illustrations might impact your ability to distinguish your offerings, Get in touch, I'd be happy to show you successful examples of brands that have embraced illustration and established aesthetics that are uniquely their own. I can also introduce you to professional Illustrators in Sydney who take their craft very seriously and use the imagination native to illustration to depict impossibilities that photography and Photoshopping simply can't match.