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Digital painting

A cartoon stylised painting of the Ice King character from the show 'Adventure Time'
A stylised impression of Ice King and Gunter from Adventure Time

Admittedly this is more of a hobby at the moment than a professional service I've gained experience in. But the role of Digital painting is becoming an increasingly reconised tool in creative enterprise. For example the ability to communicate proposed user journeys in UX is done through film techniques such as storyboarding. Similarly the anticipatory "sell" of a Marketing campaign or professional presentation can be made more tangible with the aid of scenario-building conceptual art and digital artwork.


Get in touch if a project you're working on needs visuals that can help your audience "see" themselves experienceing the benefit you build. Or if my digital painting skills leave a little to be desired, ask me about some of my past students who have gone on to make Concept art their expertise.