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Sponsoring the Graduate Exhibition

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Last year I wrote up everything I wanted to say about the importance of supporting Graduates as they make their transition from University to the Workplace. This year none of that has changed. As I witness our ties with industry growing stronger I see more opportunities for the best students to make it into the best companies. That's an equitable, and truly rare, win-win scenario. One that ensures talent is recognised and diligence is rewarded.

Please consider sponsoring the exhibition next year, every confirmation counts; it invigorates the students to present their work, confident in the knowledge that it will bring them closer to their dreams of working in the Digital disciplines they love. It further validates the organisers who, each year, dedicate their time, talents and conviction to an event that is the culmination of their long and difficult degrees.

“Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice” Anton CHEKHOV